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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a merchant statement and how do I get one?
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How long is the approval and boarding process?
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Will Party Center Pay work with the EMV devices I already have?
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Who will I contact for support for Party Center Pay?
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What territories are supported by Party Center Pay?
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Ecom: These accounts are used when making purchases over the internet. If you are already or will soon use Party Center Software's Online Store or Online Booking, you will need one of these accounts.
EMV: These accounts require an EMV device and are used for "card-present" transactions. If you are already or will soon use Party Center Software's POS you will need one of these accounts.
Step 3: Select your hardware
* Device subject to change without notice, while supplies last
* EMV devices are not needed for Ecom only accounts.
$14.99 (paid monthly / includes tax)
$17.99 (paid monthly / includes tax)

Shipping Fees
  • A $7 Handling Fee will be applied per order.
  • Standard Shipping: $33 per order.
  • 2-Day Shipping: $50 per order.
  • Expedited Shipping: $99 per order. Includes next-day shipping options.
  • Saturday Delivery: $120 per order
Hardware Warranty
Buy/Purchase Hardware:
  • 1-year warranty that hardware will be free from errors or defects
  • Hardware covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced at no cost during warranty period
  • If hardware is damaged at the fault of the sub-merchant (either by negligence or willful acts), it will be repaired if possible or replaced and charged to the sub-merchant.
  • After warranty period, provider will repair or replace non-functioning hardware and charge to the sub-merchant.

Lease Hardware:
  • Sub-merchant may retain the leased hardware as long as sub-merchant continues to make payments.
  • Leased hardware will be replaced at no charge to sub-merchant if the hardware becomes inoperable through no fault of sub-merchant.
  • This replacement program is offered for the life of the device.
  • If required repairs were caused by negligence or willful acts, sub-merchant will be charged for repairs.
Verifone MX 925
The MX 925 is designed for heavy daily use and features a 7” LCD WVGA colored touchscreen display and supports NFC/contactless cards or mobile wallet payments.
Ingenico iSMP4
The iSMP4 is a wireless EMV device featuring a 2.8” backlit color display and the longest battery life of its class. Its lightweight design enables all payment methods - including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, and NFC/contactless cards or mobile wallet.
Ingenico Lane 3000
The Ingenico Lane 3000 features a color display, contactless payments, and a compact and robust design. To read more about it click here. ( )
Ingenico Link 2500
The Ingenico Link 2500 is designed for mobility. It features a color display, contactless payments, and a slim and compact design. To read more about it click here. ( )